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On-Train WiFi Moves up a Level, as Conference Discusses Largest Projects and Latest Developments

Fri 12 Apr 2019

The largest and most innovative schemes to put WiFi onto trains and to improve existing services will be presented and discussed at this June’s Global WiFi on Trains Conference. Hosted by consultancy BWCS, the event will bring together train operators, rail administrators and suppliers from all over the world to candidly discuss their real-life issues in launching and improving on-board connected services which passengers increasingly expect as a right.

“This year we have seen a real shift towards trackside networks, higher bandwidth and greater investment in on-train services” argues Ross Parsons a consultant with BWCS. “We have all been pushing WiFi on-board for years and now it is clear that major investment is beginning to flow into projects in countries such as India, Korea, France and Germany. For instance, Deutsche Bahn has just announced a €30 million plan to kit-out its entire intercity fleet with WiFi. All of these will be discussed by the people right at the core of the new services. We will also hear form train companies in other markets such as Denmark, Norway and the UK, where government money is aiding the roll-out of improved on-train WiFi.”

“If you are in this business, or thinking of entering it, this is really the conference you should be at.” Claims Parsons.

Held on the 4th and 5th of June in the elegant Grange City Hotel near Tower Bridge, the event has become the annual meeting place for the great and the good in this very niche industry.

As ever, BWCS has focused on getting train operators, from all over the world to share their real-life stories of putting WiFi onto their trains, fighting to keep the customers happy and struggling to add new services and increase bandwidth.

Highlights for 2019 include:

  • Indian Railways will talk about launching a tender to install a 64,000km trackside wireless network and its bid to install WiFi at 7,500 stations across the sub-continent.
  • Deutsche Bahn on its new WiFi on Trains plans and upgrading its Intercity fleet.
  • Canadian operator VIARail will recount its battle to upgrade on-train WiFi services across North America
  • FirstGroup will talk about its upcoming 5G style network in the UK
  • ETRI on the super-fast connections achieved on the Seoul Metro
  • Leading train operators from around the World will address the Conference and discuss the Future for Wireless Connectivity Services to Trains.

However, BWCS warns that places are extremely limited and are selling out fast. To reserve your place now - please use the online order form:  or contact  .